Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's about an hour past my bedtime. All the thoughts that were in my head earlier have since gone to sleep. I'm even too tired to turn the channel. That episode of 'Friends' where apparently Ross kisses Rachel while he's dating that Asian girl...yea, that's on. Rich, hilarious comedy. Rachel's nipples are hard though, which honestly is probably the only reason it's still on my television. Gotta love the "Chrissy Snow-esque" tight sweaters. Real girls don't wear those, so I have to resort to 'Three's Company' or, in this case, the friends.

I had all these wonderful thoughts and ideas that I wanted and needed to ramble on about, and this is what my brain's turned to...nipples.

Goodnight people-who-are-not-reading-this. Sleep well.

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