Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dead Horse.

I've been really feeling the need to do quite a bit lately.

Yea, I know I'm beating a dead horse. I'm always talking about the "things I'm gonna do" and how "we're not getting any younger" and what not. Well, it's true goddammit.

At the ripe ole' age of 36, I'm already starting to feel the pressure. Sure, I wouldn't change a thing in my life. Everything I've experienced up to now has prepared me for whatever comes next. But it's time to start living.

I am trying to perfect the art of incorporating as much fun into my life as humanly possible without overkilling it. As I've explained before, I am a dreamer. I constantly think about all these incredibly cool things that I'd like to do. And for the most part, they're actually all attainable. So that's essentially what I'm going for; all the cool, realistic things that I'd really like to do while I'm a human on this planet. It's definitely a work in progress, though. I'm still trying to close that gap between dreaming about all these things that I want to do and actually making them happen.

And please understand, I'm not trying to be "Mr. Fun Guy" or what the fuck ever. Everyone has things they want to do, whether it's travel to New Zealand, have children, be content with their career, or care for others. I happen to have quite a few "things" or certainties of how I'd like my life to be that I'm hellbent on making happen. And yes, New Zealand is one of them. So are the other three examples...

All I'm saying is...even though you may not be a religious person, spiritual person, or otherwise, you have to appreciate the fact that we're not going to be here for much longer. Sad? No. Exciting. Because we are here now, and we have endless possibilities in front of us.

Me, for instance: I do want to go to New Zealand...I will. I do want children...I'll get 'em (providing my junk works). I want to incorporate my career with my real life and make a fantastic living...I will. I want to embrace friends and family and do all I can for them...I have and I will.

Deep, mushy, queer...maybe. But that's how it is.

I'm gonna go make a pizza now.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Save The Day.

Today was a God-awful day. My customers and employees both were all fucktards. It was one of those days where I was on the verge of doing something. Nothing dramatic, just freaking out on someone or something. My neck hurt, my eyelid twitched, and my side ached all day. Crazy what stress can do to you. I had been planning on hitting happy hour with a couple buddies, but with the weather getting shitty and our moods spiraling downward we opted to just head home.

My incredible wife had been texting here and there throughout the day asking if she could meet us at our decided watering hole after work. After my day had turned to absolute shit, I let her know that I had planned on just coming home and staring at the wall, or something equally as brainless. She was cool.

On my way home, in the white-out snow and rush hour traffic, I decided that the bar was probably the place that I needed to go in order to salvage this horrid day. It's a shame to just wad up an entire day and throw it in the trash, so I texted April and we went to The Old Man. The Old Man is literally two minutes from my house, they have ridiculous bbq, and they always have 80s metal playing. Three things that are good, right there.

Today was Rib Tip Thursday. Yesterday was Wing Wednesday--or Wingsday, as some folks cleverly call it. Didn't make it there yesterday. But we did indulge in the $5 Rib Tip Tray and a few cold Coors.

We bitched about how stupid people are as a society, how we miss our friends back home, how our jobs were waring us down--all against the background of Guns 'N Roses, Bullet Boys, and KISS. Then some guy puts money in the jukebox and the music changes!...

It was a noise I had never heard before. It started out sounding like a Johnny Cash or Waylon Jennings tune...then it quickly got faster and started sounding like Glen Danzig singing over Testament and Motorhead...still with a bit of Cash and Jennings. I was intrigued.

I asked the fellow who put the nickel in the jukebox who we were listening to, and he told me a band I had never heard of. Volbeat. I thought that to be a stupid name, especially considering the mood I was in. But the longer it played, the more incredible it became.

This song became the savior of my day. It was exactly what needed to be played to salvage my piece of shit day. It was like God invented a song that sounded like Waylon Jennings, the Misfits, Johnny Cash, and Motorhead, all in one just to palpate my tender, frailed mind that stupid people had nearly destroyed. Classic country combined with punk-driven metal is the only thing that will cure a day like I had today. Trust me.

If you have had a bad day, please listen to this song. Don't bother checking out any of their other songs, they all sound like Godsmack.

Please enjoy.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I Like to Party.

Wow, I've really been slacking on the writing lately. That's okay, though. I've had a lot on my mind, just really nothing that I feel like sharing with the universe. Some business ideas are in motion, some party planning, and a few travel plans have been floating around in my brain.

With the enormous success of Dokken Day 2010, I have decided that not only will DD be celebrated every January, but more epic shindigs need to be thrown. It makes everyone happy. When you get to be 30ish to 40ish, just hanging out at someone's house and getting liquored up is not considered a party like it was when you were 17ish to 25ish. You really need a reason to peel yourself away from your job, your kids, your house in the suburbs, and make the effort to not only go to a shindig, but participate to the fullest extent. That's why I've decided to start throwing larger than average, epic shindigs a few times a year. My buddy, Bryan and I have decided that it's good for the soul.

And why not? Parties nowadays consist of either a couple couples going over to another couple's house and drinking beer and wine while the kids play in the other room. Or a kind of "date night", where said couples meet at a semi-fancy restaurant for cocktails and dinner. All fun, I guess in their own way. But let's be honest, they aren't parties. Sometimes a party just "happens", but not too often at my age. So they have to planned. And to plan a party at this age takes a very strong, determined effort. Dokken Day, which initially was an idea that my sister and I had, was planned out amazingly by my buddy Bryan whom we offered the responsibility to, and he ran with it. It couldn't have turned out any better.

So with that said, there's a new party in making. Everyone that was invited to Dokken Day will be invited to this one. It will happen in the summer, and it will happen outside. It will be very big, and very fun. Trust me.

The way I see it, everyone that I associate with, for the most part, likes a good party. So why not provide good parties for the people that I associate with? It gives us all something to look forward to. The parties are always going to be fantastic. And when they're over with, you have fantastic, blurry memories that make you grin everytime you think about them.

So, my good friends and participants of Dokken Day 2010, please consider yourselves cordially invited to yet another fantastic get together happening this summer. Please trust me when I say that it will be good times.

And just to let you in on a little secret, I've been throwing around plans for a fall shindig as well. If it ends up happening the way I'm thinking it will, it will also be an epic shindig for all of us to savor...

I like to party.


Monday, February 1, 2010

And The Winner Is......

There were a lot of winners at Dokken Day. My friend Shannon rocked out so hard that she broke her foot. Some of the guys actually got their guitars and learned some sweet 80s metal ballads that we all sang along to. My brother and sister-law traveled three hours to party with people that they had never met. Very, very strong effort from everyone.

But my buddy Jason, he actually wore a pink cod piece with an iron-on of Don Dokken on it. To me, that's the big winner. To me, that's not fucking around. Jason did not fuck around when it came representing DD...he didn't have time for it. Neither did his wife, Kristy, who brought it full bore. They both showed up ready to kick ass. They were about to rock...and I salute them.

To you, Jason and Kristy, I have to say...fuckin' a. fuckin' a.


A Look Back at Awesomeness.

My last two weeks has been odd. They have included a death in the family, an incredible party, another death involving acquaintances, two trips to Missouri, extremely strange funeral-goers, and a bunch of work stuff.

I don't feel like getting into all the death and the unpleasantries. I'd rather just talk about my party.

I've posted several times on this website about Dokken Day 2010. It's basically a day that the mayor of Los Angeles proclaimed back in 1987 for the 80s metal band, Dokken. He gave them the key to the city. Really. It's hilarious and ridiculous, but also an incredible excuse to celebrate the ridiculousness and throw a gigantic party. So we did. I contacted my good friend back home and he set up the entire thing; kegs, heavy metal kick contest, full bar, catered, RockBand...the whole nine.

Well, it went off without a hitch. It was more fun and more ridiculous than I ever could have imagined. The coolest thing to me was, that almost everyone showed up that I was hoping would, and then some...and they all brought their A-game. Everyone dressed up in 80s metal garb, drank their faces off, left all inhibitions at the door, and participated fully in the best party I've been to since my wedding.

So, for everyone reading this that fucking rule. For those that couldn't make it...we'll catch you next year.

Here are some wonderful visuals. Enjoy.