Monday, February 1, 2010

A Look Back at Awesomeness.

My last two weeks has been odd. They have included a death in the family, an incredible party, another death involving acquaintances, two trips to Missouri, extremely strange funeral-goers, and a bunch of work stuff.

I don't feel like getting into all the death and the unpleasantries. I'd rather just talk about my party.

I've posted several times on this website about Dokken Day 2010. It's basically a day that the mayor of Los Angeles proclaimed back in 1987 for the 80s metal band, Dokken. He gave them the key to the city. Really. It's hilarious and ridiculous, but also an incredible excuse to celebrate the ridiculousness and throw a gigantic party. So we did. I contacted my good friend back home and he set up the entire thing; kegs, heavy metal kick contest, full bar, catered, RockBand...the whole nine.

Well, it went off without a hitch. It was more fun and more ridiculous than I ever could have imagined. The coolest thing to me was, that almost everyone showed up that I was hoping would, and then some...and they all brought their A-game. Everyone dressed up in 80s metal garb, drank their faces off, left all inhibitions at the door, and participated fully in the best party I've been to since my wedding.

So, for everyone reading this that fucking rule. For those that couldn't make it...we'll catch you next year.

Here are some wonderful visuals. Enjoy.

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