Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dokken Day helps warm the soul...like soup.

With Dokken Day quickly upon us, I have been diligently prepping my pipes, stretching my hamstrings, and polishing up my playlists. It will be a momentous occasion. And the timing couldn't be better for rock.

In a few of my recent posts I've expressed how the retail industry at holiday time has slowly chewed away at my soul. It has exposed me to people that I don't care to ever cross paths with again. People who yell and curse like spoiled children if they don't get their way; if they don't get their jacket. It has not only continued into the second week of January, but has actually progressed.

Lately, I have walked a fine line between keeping my mouth shut and accommodating this hellish beast...and losing all regard for maturity and planting my index finger firmly into the beast's chest while lashing out verbally at this creature to the likes I'm sure it has never witnessed before. Luckily, for my mortgage's sake, I've been able to balance toward the former.

I have recently gotten help, though. Help in the form of music.

As medication to fight this retail disease that is the customer, I have dabbled in classic jazz and various acoustic music to sooth my mind and lower my blood pressure. This disease has somehow powered it's way through my jazz-cooled mindset and forced my blood to boil again. I have tried a completely different drug in punk rock, but have experienced the opposite effect of putting me in a frame of mind that is detrimental to my job.

So with Dokken Day on the horizon, I have been compiling playlists on my iPod that put my mind at ease and make me want to get drunk.

Yes, that's what 80s Metal does. It makes you want to get drunk. And when I want to get drunk, I'm usually pretty calm and in a good mood, have a tune in my head, whistling perhaps. This is proving to translate well when dealing with assholes. I've got the "fuck you" mentality going, but with 80s metal it's a much cooler vibe than with punk. Punk makes me cross that fine line we discussed earlier. 80s metal helps me deal with shit in a "whatever" frame of mind and in a good mood.

The result is lower blood pressure and stress levels, being in a good mood which in turn reflects well on my employees and customers, and having a tune in my head that makes me laugh because it's so ridiculously great.

80s metal is so bad it's good.

So let us get an early jump on the Dokken Day celebrations with a song that makes us all want to get drunk.

Enjoy, my friends.


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