Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yet Another New Blog

Well, I'm giving it another shot. I've resurrected one of my other blogs and am attempting to feed another one of my creative sides. The old "Earl Pics", that floundered in creation, is now The Art of Doing (

The name came from my brother-in-law, Pat, and I rapping about...well, doing shit. Basically, Pat and I share a similar outlook on life. We both feel that life is way too short to just sit idly and watch it pass by. Cliche'? Absolutely. But it makes sense to us. Call it a reaction to experiencing a loved one's life cut it motivation to not it inspiration for others to it a "Bucket List" it cliche'. I don't care. But doing makes Pat and I feel satisfied. Experiencing different things makes us happy. It makes us feel like we are constantly in motion, living. That's us, though. We're generally not content, and want to see what's around the next corner.

Anyway, "The Art of Doing" is primarily motivation for myself to not get stagnant. I don't plan on cramming it down your throats, posting everything I do on Facebook, bragging and boasting on how glorious my life is and how everyone else should do as I do because I obviously know all. No, it's just going to be a mish-mash of shit that I, and possibly others, do. A trip, hitting a new bar, going bowling, taking a hike, planning a party, inventing a new chili recipe--whatever I find interesting and motivational. The Art of Doing doesn't have to be epic travels and accomplishments--but they are certainly welcome when or if they ever happen.

Earl's Brain is a stage for thinking. The Art of Doing is a stage for doing.

Do. Don't don't.


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