Monday, May 4, 2009


People, or at least I, tend to take wonderful things for granted. I don't appreciate the good things like I should. I have an amazing almost-wife, I live in a nice, new house, I drive an extremely fancy Nissan, and despite my last post...a good job. My life is so good actually, that I start to feel guilty from time to time. Maybe that's why I don't dwell on how good I have it. I know in the back of my head how good it is, but don't want to be constantly thankful in order not to have karma lash out at me.

So what's one to do to stay positive throughout the day, throughout the week?

It's the little things, my friend. For instance, coffee and jazz. If I did not have coffee and jazz every morning, I would lead a miserable existence. And to one up this glorious combo...if I were to purchase a breakfast burrito from Santiago's on my way to the shop, it would then take a catastrophe to ruin my day. That is, as long as it's not on Mondays or Wednesdays. Monday is Ham Day and Wednesday is Bacon Day. It's not that I'm angry with ham or bacon. It's quite the opposite, actually. The thing is, I have to pace myself with these happy burritos, and if I were not to limit myself, I would overdose and therefore lose something wonderful that makes me incredibly happy. So, despite the fact that I indeed do love the magical meat of the pig in the form of ham and bacon, I have to visit Santiago's on the days when German Sausage, Chorizo, or Breakfast Sausage is being served. Different day, different meat. That's part of the beauty of Santiago's. Don't get me wrong, ham is tasty. But compared to all other breakfast meats, it falls short. Hence my reasoning for skipping Mondays. Now bacon, that's another story. It is most definitely one of my favorite breakfast meats. But in a Santiago's breakfast burrito, they are quite generous with the green chili, and that tends to make the bacon inside the burrito soggy and chewy. Although still delicious, I had to skip Wednesdays in order not to overdo it on a weekly basis. You know they're good when you have to skip Bacon Day. So any other day and on weekends (the meat of the day is chef's choice Sat & Sun) I have an excellent chance of getting the best breakfast burrito the world has ever seen.

So, waking up with some coffee, some jazz, and knowing that the $2 bill in my pocket will soon turn into a magical mixture of eggs, potatoes, green chili, and the meat of the day...that is how you stay happy throughout the day.

It's the little things, my friend.

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