Thursday, May 7, 2009

Not just Saturday Morning.

Please watch this, and laugh.

I'm not going to classify it as the best cartoon ever, but it's up there. I think in order for a cartoon to be "the best ever", it has to star characters that you are more familiar with...Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, Bugs Bunny, Droopy. But man, Tex Avery sure could write a hilarious cartoon.

The first time I saw "Billy Boy" I was in grade school at the summer dollar movies. Couldn't tell you what movie I was there for...maybe "Benji" or "The Wiz"...but I do remember this cartoon was shown before the movie started. And the stuttering! I thought the film had a glitch in it or something, but then shortly realized that it wasn't a glitch, just comedy. Pure comedy.

I don't watch new cartoons all that often anymore. I'm too old and opionated. Thank God for Tex Avery and thank God for YouTube.

"C'mon son. I'll fetch y'all a jug of moo cow milk, milk, milk, milk, milk............."

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