Saturday, May 23, 2009

rock out.

Wow. I'm in the midst of rocking out. Rocking out is when April goes out of town, and I commence to gettin' all my old cd's out. Vodka tonics, beer and other goodies are usually the fuel for the rock out.

Right now, I'm not quite to full rock out mode...obviously, seeing as how I took time to write about it. I kinda wanted to capture the moment though, you know?

But right now we've got an old 90's punk band called Trusty covering Generation X's "Ready, Steady, Go", which is proving to be an admirable tribute. The original is a classic, and this unknown band (even to me) is tearing it up.

We've already hit a little Swingin' Utters, Fishbone, and Backyard Babies. We're just getting warmed up, it being only 10:20pm. And I'm only on drink numeral three. And just how things got started, with The New Bomb Turks, we shall play yet another tune from them. Here, it's like the Stones and Iggy had a love child.

Tell you what...I'll keep updating this blog until I physically can't anymore. Then I'll post it without proof reading it. Woo hoo! Saturday night!

Bad Religion's "We're Gonna Die For Our Own Arrogance" by Sublime is a masterpiece as far as covers go. And it's on.

20 minutes later NOFX is covering a Rancid song and I'm starving. I am going to eat a block of swiss cheese.

Ahh Rancid. That's a good idea.

Normally when I rock out, I start out with old punk, switch it around with some rock like Motorhead or AC/DC, then start mellowing out the drunker I get. The night generally peaks with the Stones, then starts mellowing from there. Let's see if I follow suit.

A little garage punk by The Devil Dogs is delightful. But either I'm not drunk enough or the right song hasn't hit yet. I'm not up singing and dancing yet. Don't worry, we'll get there.

Man, I'm definitely into covers tonight. Dropkick Murphy's covering CCR's "Fortune Son" is one I always forget about. Holy shit, it's as good as always is. Followed by "21 Guitar Salute" which is has got me on my feet.

Yea, I read that last paragraph, but I'm not going to change it. That was the promise. Mmm, swiss cheese.

Ok, Motorhead's album, "The Birthday Party" is on now. If I'm not mistaken, it's got the best live version of "Bomber" ever. Let's see, shall we? Ooh, gotta listen to "The Hammer" first! That's mine and Vinnie's drinkin' song! Even invented a shot called the Hammer. Disgusting.

"The Birthday Party" just seems a ton faster than "No Sleep Til Hammersmith" or "Everything Louder Than Everyone Else" or any of the other 23 Motorhead CD's I've got laying around. "Ace of Spades" is definitely faster. That's what we're listening to now.

Ok, "Bomber" is one of the last we're listening to every other song until we get there. I forgot how great of a live album this is. "Overkill" is coming up soon I think.

HERE'S "BOMBER"! Wow, fast. And tremendous. Almost sounds like Marky Ramone's drumming...16th's on the high hat! AAAAAHHH!! It's skipping!!!!!!! Let's see if a good old tongue bath does the Cool.

I need to switch to the iPod soon. Better sound, and I can rock the head phones.

God, why am I listening to Buckcherry? Actually saw them in concert...true story. They opened for Motorhead a few years back. They opened the show with the lead singer yelling, "Drink Beer! Fuck Bitches!" Honest to God. It was fantastic. Oooh, Wolfmother's on now. Gotta love mystery compilation CD's!

Time to, not the CD.

Ok, this is what I've been needing to hear...The Faces!

Still on compilation CD's. Gotta skip the Allman's and go straight to Queen. Allman's are for later. "Stone Cold Crazy" is for now.

Queen on tv speakers vs. Queen on headphones: Queen on headphones is the big winner.

It's iPod now. Is the P capitalized? And is "s" in swiss cheese capitalized? I was wondering that earlier. Oh man, the Cult's on! COMPILATION CD!!

Van Halen's on and my shirt's off. fuckin' a. Coincendentally, "Everybody Wants Some" is the song. Coincidence, or destiny?

Uh oh, AC/DC's on. And you know what that leads to?....yep, 80's metal...and me losing my voice in 7 minutes. What if Brian Johnson from AC/DC always talked like that? " I'd like a Quater Pounder with Cheese, large fry, and a Cooooke!!! Ooooh Yeeaaa!!!!"

Is my grammar still ok? Probably not.

"Back in Black" is fantastic. Even if you don't like Big Dumb Rock; even if you're "too smart" for AC/DC; even if you don't drink. Actually, it's probably worthless if you don't drink. People that don't drink I now hate for TWO reasons.

"Givin' the Dog a Bone". Hmph. If you don't like this song, you are gay.

I'm gonna listen to it again.

I've got a great idea...Black Betty. I celebrate Ram Jam's entire catalog. "Black Betty" is one song that I'm sure I would own at the karoke bar. One of these of these days. Ogden Street South, you're fucked!

Compilation CD's are called Playlists nowadays. That's what we've got right now. To be specific, it's ACTION LIST. We're on "Could This Be Magic?" by the Halen, with "Country Honk" by the Stones coming up, if I'm not mistaken. Don't worry people that aren't reading this, the Playlist gets faster. In fact, I believe KISS is in our future. Yea, KISS.

I've had several drinks.

KISS is on now! I don't like KISS! But I do like "Shout It Out Loud"! Saw 'em live a few times...this song usually required lot's of pyrotechnics, which always makes things better. Unless you're at a Great White concert. Oooooh. I mean, song up is Jet. Not the song, but the band. The song is "Get Me Outta Here", which holds a warm spot in my fucking heart. I walked out of a suit job as Technical Support Technician/Sales Coordinator/Bitch/Zombie/Homo at a stainless steel fittings manufacturer and distributor and listened to that tune on my way home. It still makes me smile.

Leon Redbone? Ok, it's working. If you don't like any of these artists that I'm listening to, you are gay...except for buckcherry.

If anyone in the universe ever reads this, please remembe one thing: You have to listen to and like a band called Devil in a Woodpile. If you don't, you will die a miserable piece of poo.

Aerosmith? Yea, so what? "Done With Mirrors" and "Toys In The Attic", not that asteroid movie soundtrack shit.

And now ZZ Top. 70's Top.. And early 80's Top...pre-MTV. I'd like to see those old bastards in concert this year. I bet their balls stink, though.

Ok, more Faces. Shit, left that cheese laying out. Too lazy to go get it. Shit, out of beer. Guess I'll kill 2 fuckers with one deal. cheese and beer for everyone!

Winding down. Doobie's are on now. I imagine the Allman's and Stones will follow. Then I'll start realizing how happy and numb I've become and start grinning real big.

Stumbling through campfire music. Old country, old allman's, old stones. ill find the right one.

It's time for "Can't You Hear Me Knocking". I hate you if don't like this song. It's almost two songs, actually. The first half is masterful. Amazing. Perfect. The second half is good, but it's a hippie-fest. The 1st part=spectacular, The 2nd part=mediocre hippie jam-fest. Hmmm.

I don't stay up until 1:30 too often, if I don't have to. I enjoy sleep too much. I get my drinking done early. It's 1:30 now, and I'm drunk. I am listening to a tremendous song. But it's time for the Allman's. I will put them on, and then I will fall asleep. I will awake at 3:24am and lumber upstairs. Then, I will fall into the most comfortable, deepest sleep a man can fall in to. I will then awake again, only to make a delicious cup of coffee, eggs over medium, and cheap bacon.

We will listen to jazz in eight hours.

C'mon Allman's.

Note: I did not watch or listen to my old band, 40 Horse Johnson tonight. Just so you know.

The Allman's remind me of meandering. I love meandering. Trapsing. Wandering. Rambling. "Ain't Wastin' Time No More" is one of my favorite songs. It is what made me move to Colorado.

Bob Marley. The Rock Out is over. Time to close my eyes and inhale a little more life.

It was a successful rock out. but now it segways into a relaxing, deeper moment. I am numb and smiling. I am happy with most everything.

I feel great, but now is when I start thinking deeply and plane out from the rock. I listen to songs like "Redemtion Song" and think heavily.

With no proofreading....I will now click PUBLISH and close my eyes. It's been a good time Saturday night. woo.

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