Thursday, May 28, 2009


I don't feel good.

I've been exercising lately, which has me actually feeling amazing. Tonight, being Wednesday, which is kind of my Friday since I've got tomorrow off, I decided to skip the mile or so run and other various basement exercises. I had planned on grilling out enormous cheeseburgers on the grill and enjoying a couple cocktails before ideally cashing in early so that I could wake up with the sun and start my drive to the mountains. Thus far, I have followed suit.

After I polished off the second cheeseburger, each weighing close to a pound, I poured an after dinner vodka tonic and kicked my feet up on the patio table. I continued to digest for about an hour or so, then suddenly got antsy. The drinks weren't tasting good anymore. I immediately felt sluggish and ill, which is far cry from how I normally feel after ingesting two pounds of red meat and clear alcohol. So I took a walk.

I probably walked a couple miles. It felt good. I felt as though I walked off at least a portion of my glutenous meal. The sky was beautiful. The air was crisp.
I had bats fluttering overhead and rabbits darting away from me and into people's yards. It was a very pleasant, evening stroll.

I got home and still didn't feel all that great. Thought that maybe I'd just go to bed early and wake up refreshed.

Then I ran to the bathroom and shit water.

The End.

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