Saturday, June 6, 2009


I'm not an extremely competitive guy. I mean, I played sports when I was a kid and was ok, but never got that agro-competitive attitude that all the meatheads and jocks had that turned them into dicks.

I like to watch football, but I don't get that "into" it. I dig the Rams, Steelers, and sometimes the Chiefs, but don't really follow any particular team. If one of those teams were to make it to the Super Bowl, cool. I'll watch.

I'm not a basketball guy much at all. I'll watch the Final Four stuff sometimes if I have money on it, but sometimes not even then. This year was the first year that I've watched the NBA Playoffs since it was Orlando vs. Houston back in the 90's. Shaq vs. Hakeem...can't spell his last name. I liked Drexler...Clyde the Glide. Kind of reminded me of my favorite baseball player, Willie McGee. Just not as ugly.

Baseball is where my sports nerdiness comes into play. I am an enormous St. Louis Cardinals fan. I try to catch every game and follow everything that happens with them. I'm not to the point of joining chat forums to debate with other nerds or playing fantasy baseball...that's just sad. I'm just a big Cards fan.

I get pissed when the Cards lose. It actually effects my attitude if they lose. Or if someone gets hurt. Or if they don't trade for a good, needed player. That's about the extent of my nerdiness-bad, but not that bad.

Right now, the Cardinals are on a losing streak. There are rumors that they are going to make one or more blockbuster trades to acquire some offense. So being the nerd that I am, I've been glued to the websites in hopes that said trade will happen soon. Apparently whoever we get, if anyone, will be the end-all savior for our team and we will cruise into a World Series win. I'm sure that's how it will pan out.

I just get to laughing at myself. I like sports, but in the end really don't care who wins or loses. It's just a nice excuse to relax and have a couple drinks while forgetting about any problems or bad days. Except for the Cardinals. I am inherently a die-hard Cards fan who, if they lose, don't have as good of a day as if they were to win.

And my day isn't that great if the Cubs win either.

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